Before You Visit...

If it’s been a long time since you’ve been to church, Casper First has you in mind! There’s already enough you have to think about when you’re visiting a church for the first time. We hope that getting some of this “stuff” out of the way not only encourages you to join us for church, but also helps you to connect with the hope and encouragement that God has for you.

What Should I Expect When I Visit?

At CFN, we feel that it’s OUR responsibility to “clear the way” for you to come to church. We want you to be able to experience the great music, encouraging messages, friendly people and enjoyable atmosphere that are a part of CFN. And we know that your first time at a church, any church, brings up some questions. What should I wear… what’s available for my kids… what should I expect in church? Here is a quick look at what you can expect, based on what people see when they visit CFN.

You’ll enjoy upbeat music and practical messages that help you deal with real life issues. What you learn on the weekend, you’ll be able to use during the week. Whether you join us for Worship, Sunday School, or Small Groups, we want to help you connect with the personal hope and practical help that God can give us.



1. Where are you located? - 2020 South Jefferson St, Casper, WY 82601

2. What time is your service? - We have services at 10:45am Sunday morning. Sunday School begins at 9:30am.

3. How long is does your service last? - Services last about 60 - 75 minutes.

4. What should I wear - Well...on a typical Sunday morning, you will see everything from blue jeans and T-shirts to suits and dresses. However, as a church, all we ask is that you come dressed! Come as you are!

5. Are we going to ask for money? - We are going to take an offering as a part of our worship and our way of thanking God for the blessings He has given us. However, this is for regular attendees and is an act of worship, there is no expectation that you will give.

6. What is a Nazarene? - Because of his boyhood home, Jesus was called Nazarene, likewise the earliest followers of Jesus were also called Nazarenes.

While Jesus did not found any denominations, we bear the name "Nazarene" to identify ourselves with His mission to reach all people regardless of their race, social status, or religious background.

The Nazarene church is known as a "holiness" church and was founded in 1908. Holiness simply means that it is our goal as followers of Jesus, we will become more like Him in our thoughts, words, actions, and character. Everything we do as a church is designed to help produce Christ-like disciples.

If you would like to know more about the Church of the Nazarene, check out our national site on our links page.

7. What do you have for my infant? - Check out Nursery

7. What do you have for my Kids? - Check out Children    

8. What do you have for my teens? - Check out Youth



We believe in one eternal God - the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

We believe that the Bible is fully inspired and that all truth necessary for salvation and a faithful relationship with God are contained in them. 

We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who lived a sinless life and offered Himself as the perfect sacrifice for the whole human race, taking our sins upon Himself. He rose again, conquering death so we can have life.

We believe that the Holy Spirit is active in the world and is what makes people aware of their need for Jesus. The Holy Spirit is living in every disciple of Jesus from the moment of their salvation and assures us that we are children of God and that we are pleasing to Him.

We believe that human kind is created in the image of God but have been born with a fallen nature and therefore are separated from Him because of our sin.

We believe that our salvation comes as we turn from evil, repent of our sins, and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior. It is then, that we are delivered from our sin and welcome by God as His child and our relationship with Him is restored.

We believe that believers are to become fully-devoted (sanctified) followers of Jesus Christ, allowing the Holy Spirit to cleanse our hearts from self rule as we continually surrender ourselves fully to Him. 

We believe that at some time in the future, our Lord Jesus Christ will return and everyone will stand before God to give an account for their life. It is our response to Christ's free gift of salvation that will determine whether we live forever in heaven or hell. 

We fully support the doctrine and mission of the Nazarene Church. However, we are more interested in presenting Jesus Christ than pushing a denomination. We as believers must be able to put our denominational differences aside and focus on preaching and teaching Jesus to a world that needs His Truth.

We believe that Holy Communion is a holy time of worship when we corporately come together as one body to remember and celebrate what Christ did for us.

We believe that Baptism is an important step in obedience in the believer's life, yet only a public acknowledgment of the salvation experience already accomplished within your heart. Baptism itself has no power to cleanse or save from sin. Baptism is significant in that it publicly represents the forgiveness and cleansing from sin that comes through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. 

We believe that God has the power to heal and we encourage our people to pray for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. We believe that God has given us our medical science through common grace, and therefore medical science should not be refused.