To wake the world up to Jesus: by showing His love; telling His truth; and involving them in His work.

Vision: Unlike the church of the past, focused on getting the community into the church, the refocused Casper First will get the church into the community. We will measure success not by attendance or giving, but by community impact and our “loving others”.

The number of people “being the church” in their work places, schools, restaurants, communities and neighborhoods will far outnumber the number of casual Christians who simply just go to church on Sunday. 

As a church, God’s people (our values):

  1. We will love one another so well that the world takes notice.

  2. We will serve the church and the community, while looking for ways to meet unmet needs.

  3. We will present the truth of Jesus Christ in a winsome, culturally relevant way to our city.

  4. We will create a congregation that understands the doctrine and theology of our Wesleyan/Arminian tradition.

  5. We will create a congregation that is continually developing its Christian worldview.

  6. We will hold each other accountable in all aspects of life, including spiritually.

  7. We will keep each other informed and communicate well.

  8. We practice biblical principles when it comes to how we handle conflict within the church. When something is wrong or someone hurts us we will first go to that person and not others.

  9. We will recognize and support the call of God in the lives of those around us.

  10. We will take risks and will not be afraid to fail, both with people and in ministry.

  11. We will keep in confidence that which is told to us in confidence.

  12. We will fear no man as we seek to only honor God in all that we are and all that we do.

  13. We will support and trust the leadership of they church as the continually seek God’s will for Casper First.