Bar Church will NOT be meeting again until 2018! Thank you.

Have you ever walked into a place and felt like you didn’t belong?

Maybe your attire was wrong…maybe you have tattoos on your neck and arms…maybe you are just simply tired of feeling like you have to be someone you are not!

Well…WELCOME HOME...because none of that matters when you hang out with us at the BAR.

At Casper First we are committed to our mission and vision:

  • Mission: To wake the world up to Jesus: by showing His love; telling His truth; and involving them in His work.

  • Vision: Unlike the church of the past, focused on getting the community into the church, the refocused Casper First will get the church into the community. We will measure success not by attendance or giving, but by community impact and our “loving others”.

    The number of people “being the church” in their work places, schools, restaurants, communities and neighborhoods will far outnumber the number of casual Christians who simply just go to church on Sunday.   


As we continue to grow into this vision, God is leading us to follow Jesus outside the walls of our church building to serve and share life with people - many of whom are not connected to God or a church family. 

God is leading a group of us from Casper First to form Bar Church. The mission of Bar Church is to take the gospel of Jesus to people who are unwilling to participate in a traditional church gathering within a traditional church setting. There seems to be a lot of people that are interested in Jesus but are turned off by religion or just the idea of walking into an institutional church. We get that and we believe that Bar Church is something Jesus might do.

At Bar Church, we're interested in creating a place where any person - regardless of their background, accomplishments, failures or issues - can come experience friendship, acceptance, and the grace that comes through Jesus.

Bar Church is for people who have been beat up, put down or turned off by church and want to act out their spiritual lives outside of a church setting. We invite you to join us when you are ready. Come as you are!

JOIN US ON the 4th THURSDAY of every month AT 6:30PM