Bill and Mill Kwon


  • Born in Korea, South
  • Ordained: 2011 by South Korea National district


  • Born in Korea, South


  • GeumJu
  • MinJae
  • MinKi
  • Yi-Hyun

General Information

  • Home District: South Korea National
  • Home Church: Sang-am-dong

Summary of Service Record

  • 2014 to Present – Thailand
  • 2003 to 2014 – Philippines

Home Assignment Dates

  • Jul 1, 2017 to Aug 24, 2017


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“Go beyond the Walls (Joshua 6:20)” is the Kwons theme. After experiencing repentance and eternal salvation in 1998, Dr. Donghwan (Bill) Kwon obeyed the call of God into ministry. Ten years of fruitful ministry at Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary (APNTS) and the Philippine field, the Kwons are now going beyond the comfort zone. In July 2014, Dr. Kwon started serving as Myanmar country coordinator for the Southeast Asia field. In January 24, 2015, he was appointed as the District Superintendent of Yangon District. The goal is to work to transform individuals, plant churches, and multiply disciples and leaders in the country.

In 2004, Dr. Kwon became a first full-time professor in Christian Communication at APNTS. He soon became the founding director for Fairbanks International School of Communication in 2007. He also worked as a liaison for APNTS Korean partnership and played a pivotal role to raise funds for New Life Volunteer Mission Center, Center for World Mission and Education (NCEE 4th floor), and scholarship fund for Southeast Asian students from 2008 to 2010.

In 2011, he was appointed as the director of WM Communications Asia-Pacific (WMC-AP, 2011-2013). Serving WMC, his ministry philosophy was to seek “professional excellence in holiness pursuit.” He began renovating WMC-AP to be an efficient and effective ministry arm for the region. Under his leadership, WMC-AP was able to be transformed into a self-supporting media institution for Asia-Pacific region and beyond.   

In 2011, Dr. Kwon also initiated holistic Rowenas Community Development Project. Rowenas community is located at the outside of wall of the seminary. The project was able to build a community development center, day care center, community-based health care center/pharmacy, potable water system, and sends 149 children to school including 23 college students. River of Life Church of the Nazarene (Senior Pastor, Jackson Natividad) was planted and organized as a fruit of this ministry (For more information, please click the links, Busic visits Asia-Pacific Region for first time as jurisdictional GS, Clean water project opens door in Philippine community and Life Together in Rowenas).

He completed diploma in Theatre Arts from Seoul Institute of Arts (1993), B.A. in English Literature and Language (Korea Open University, 2010), M.A. in Christian Communication (APNTS, 2003), and Ph.D. in Communication from the University of the Philippines (2010). He has published various academic articles and presented papers internationally. His doctoral dissertation will be soon published by Emeth Press as a part of Asbury Theological Seminary Series in World Christianity Revitalization Movements and Intercultural Studies. The Kwons are the members of Sangamdong Church of the Nazarene, Seoul, Korea. He received ordination under Korea National District (2011). They have been regional missionaries since 2003.  

Yun Bum Kim (Mill Kwon) has taught English at APNTS (2008-2014). Prior to her teaching at APNTS, she had taught at Faith Academy as ESL teacher (2003-2005). She is a graduate of Sungshin Women’s University with B.A. in Chinese Literature and Language (1990-1994), M.A. in Religious Education at APNTS (1998-2003), and doctoral studies in Applied Linguistics at De La Salle University (2006 – incomplete). She published a few research papers and translated books including Korean NMI Handbook (2012) and SDMI Bible Quiz Materials (2012-3).

They have two girls and two boys; Yi Hyun, Min Ki, Min Jae, and Geum Ju.