We understand that being a teen is tough. That you are going to experience hurts, disappointments, and a multitude of challenges as you try to find your own individuality. We realize that you are seeking straight-forward answers to tough questions and while we don’t have all the answers, we will introduce you to the One who can be an anchor in your life, Jesus Christ. He offers hope that will prevail in your life, even when everything and everyone seems against you.  We will also challenge you to live a Godly life and to become leaders who can be a positive influence to those who you experience in your daily life.

Youth group is here every Wednesday at 6:30pm. we meet at the church, which is located at 2020 s Jefferson st. in casper...we hope to see you there!

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Evangelism: Be
When we think of sharing the Good News about hope in Jesus, God's love and forgiveness, and life in God's spirit we are talking about a way of being. When we draw close to God, God draws close to us and we can be who we truly are in Christ.

Evangelism "BE" Video

Discipleship "DO" Video

Discipleship: Do

When we think of discipleship, it is about allowing our lives to be formed in the process of following Jesus, with our whole person and community, engaging in God's mission and presence already present, and inviting others to do the same.

Leadership Development: Go

When we think of an art form discovered in the journey of following Jesus and the accountability of community, we are thinking of leadership. Christ-following leaders are often formed along the way and always in process and only ever arrive in further depths and variety of growing in grace and transforming relationships with God and others.

Leadership "GO" Video


Teen Bible Quizzing is a long held, time honored tradition at Casper First.  Through out the years we can see the tremendous benefits from our district quiz program.  Teens through out the district, region and world study a particular book or books of the Bible.  Through weekly team practices and personal study the teens literally will become experts on the Book of the Bible they are studying.

They will understand the content, memorize several scriptures and then systematically dissect its contents for meaning and life application.  Then several times through the quiz season the district will hold quiz tournaments testing and allowing the teens to compete against their peers.   

Not only are the teens learning God's word, thoroughly, the are learning teamwork and supporting others both on the local weekly level and during the tournaments and while traveling to and from each tournament location.   In this way, Bible quizzing also teaches leadership, social interaction, and self-discipline. 

A teen who enters Bible Quizzing as a 6th grader and continues through their senior year of high school will benefit immensely.  Much of the New Testament will be devoured and learned.  Their skills in competition, leadership, socialization with others and discipling will be challenged and theirs and your expectations will be exceeded.

"Bible Quizzing for me, is the best ministry we have to disciple, nurture and grow our teens in Christ, bar none!" quoted by Pastor Tom